Do. Porcel: The print of the invisible.


Do. Porcel lives in Tours but she is from Andalusia. Far from academic conventions, she has been producing an abstract painting guided by her inner emotions and feelings since 2005.

All her works start with music: she listens to it and let her invade by emotion to surrender to intuition. A captivating rythm, a harmonious melody or a penetrating song are triggers which stir up the artist’s creativity, acting as catalysts.

The genesis of the work is due to audition but it is realized by touching. Far from traditional panting, Do. Porcel gives up brushes to use a singular medium: her hands. Guided by musical harmony, she dips her fingers in acrylic painting, Indian Ink or oil to create imaginary scenes with surprising reliefs.

You can’t see the prints of her hands but only movement and colour. As a result, variations and striking contrasts give life to the painting.

So Do. Porcel suggests a real pictorial and sensitive trip in which the spectator is totally autonomous. The careful examination of the work which is possible near it gives place to a more contemplative vision farther from it. In this colourful blur you can guess or clearly see shadows and figures.

So the artist gives us the possibility to flirt with the invisible. Through the unconscious, imagination or spirituality, she asserts herself in the meeting of material and colour, immersing the spectator in a world where he is free to wander.

Morgane Badin
Com’on Art

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